YAG Laser.

YAG Laser Treatment

Often after having had cataract or lens replacement surgery the vision can become cloudy after a few months or years. This is due to clouding of the membrane on which we rest the lens implant, otherwise known as “posterior capsule opacity” (PCO).  

This can be cleared quickly and painlessly using our new YAG laser which we also have here at our clinic at Little Grove in Jersey.

If you have undergone cataract or lens replacement surgery in the past but feel the vision isn’t as good as it was immediately after the surgery was carried out then contact us for an assessment as YAG laser may be able to help you. 

What to expect at your appointment

Consultations can be carried out either in our Jersey or Guernsey clinic. Here we provide relaxed and comfortable surroundings, the consultants and support staff will ensure that all of your questions are answered and any concerns you have are addressed, giving you total peace of mind. During the consultation we will assess your eyes and your current prescription, as well as reviewing the shape, size and thickness of the cornea and the general dimensions of your eye and the refracting surfaces.


We can then advise if you are a suitable candidate for refractive surgery and, if so, what type of procedure is most appropriate for you.

About us

Jersey Vision Correction was set up in November 2006 at Little Grove Clinic, St.Lawrence, Jersey by Optometrist Dave Baker BSc(Hons) MCOptom.
Dave qualified in Optometry in 1991 and began his interest in Refractive Surgery in 1998 when he worked for a large UK Refractive Surgery provider. He went on to complete a Certificate in Refractive Surgery at the University of Ulster and a year later became a tutor on the course. He has been involved in over 14,000 laser treatments to date.