Lens Implants.

If you are unsuitable for laser eye surgery, for example your prescription is out of range for laser, then you may well be suitable for corrective lens implants. 

Lens implant experts

Lens implant surgery is becoming an increasingly popular way of correcting sight. Many different types of lens implants are available and the specific details of the recommended lens implant types will be discussed with you.


Lens implants can correct almost any prescription and Jersey Vision Correction have corrected many people with prescriptions over -20.00 and +12.00 with corrective lens implants.

Your consultation - what to expect

Consultations can be carried out either in our Jersey or Guernsey clinic. Here we provide relaxed and comfortable surroundings, the consultants and support staff will ensure that all of your questions are answered and any concerns you have are addressed, giving you total peace of mind. 


During the consultation, we will assess your eyes and your current prescription, as well as reviewing the shape, size and thickness of the cornea and the general dimensions of your eye and the refracting surfaces. We can then advise if you are a suitable candidate for refractive surgery and, if so, what type of procedure is most appropriate for you.