Please browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to our life-changing laser vision-correction surgery.

No, we use the one of the most technologically advanced lasers available which deliver the safest and most precise results.

The results of the treatment are permanent. With some treatments your eyes may still alter with age but the likelihood of this can be discussed at your initial consultation.

Costs vary depending on the type of procedure carried out. We offer two types of laser treatment, LASEK & LASIK, both of which can be Wavefront guided (the most advanced method of laser delivery) to give optimum visual results. On average they can vary anywhere from £1200 to £1800 per eye including all additional pre-operative assessments and after care. Lens implant procedures vary depending on the type of implant required. We can arrange flexible finance packages if you wish to spread the cost.

Definitely. We offer a wide range of advanced treatments so we can often treat eyes which many clinics are unable to. Various problems including thin corneas, odd shaped eyes, high levels of astigmatism and even evidence of kerataconus can lead to you being told you are unsuitable. However our advanced equipment combined with the expertise of our surgeon means that we can often design treatments to specifically correct these problems.

Most prescriptions are correctable, if laser treatment cannot correct your prescription then we should be able to offer alternative treatments which can.

Visual recovery varies depending on the type of treatment. However most people can return to work within 48 hours.

No – our treatments are virtually painless. You may experience a little discomfort immediately after the procedure but we will offer aftercare advice to minimize this and prescribe mild pain killers if necessary.