Imagine a life without the restrictions of spectacles and contact lenses

Laser Eye Surgery in The Channel Islands

Laser eye surgery is now available by one the UK's most experienced team of professionals right here in Jersey, Channel Islands. The advanced technology of our laser combined with the experience and expertise of our team mean that virtually all types of prescriptions can be corrected, allowing you to live life to the full. No glasses, no contact lenses, just clear living.

Worried about cost?  With our tailored payment plans it can actually cost less than your current eye care, and it’s all available here in Jersey.

The principle behind all types of laser eye surgery is simple; using microscopic points of fine laser light the cornea is reshaped therefore allowing incoming light rays to focus on the retina accurately, giving the patient and new life with freedom from glasses. Furthermore if laser cannot correct your vision then we can now offer many other techniques which can.